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Welcome to the Otosclerosis Study Group’s website.  Dr. Howard P. House once said, “With knowledge comes a responsibility, and that responsibility is to share it.”  Each year the members of the Otosclerosis Study Group meet on Saturday evening during the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery meeting to share their knowledge regarding one of the most common causes of hearing loss, otosclerosis.  Experienced otologic surgeons, representing countries throughout the world, gather to discuss their surgical techniques and treatments as they relate to this disease process. The discussions focus not only on the diagnosis and treatment of otosclerosis, but also on its etiology and ultimately its prevention.

Although this website was established primarily as a means to keep the membership up to date regarding the activities of the Otosclerosis Study Group, it also serves as a mechanism for patients to become more informed about this disease process and to assist them in locating surgeons in their state or country with expertise in treating otosclerosis.

To accommodate both the members of the Otosclerosis Study Group and patients interested in learning more about otosclerosis, we have divided the website into the following sections: History of the Otosclerosis Study Group, Officers/Membership, Bylaws, Application for Membership, OSG Meeting information, and Discussion of Otosclerosis.  By clicking on these links you will be able to access that particular section.

On behalf of the executive counsel of the Otosclerosis Study Group, I want to thank the membership for your continued participation and support for this very special otologic society that has been in existence since 1939.

John T. McElveen, Jr., M.D.
Otosclerosis Study Group


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